What is a Certified Roofing Contractor?

A roofing contractor, roof mechanic, or a roofer is a construction worker who specializes in the construction of a roof. These roofers repair, replace, and install the roofs of a building with the help of various materials that includes bitumen, shingles, and other things. Roofing work is physically challenging since it includes heavy lifting, climbing, kneeling, and bending very often and in very severe climatic conditions.

A certified roofing contractor is a person who has all the necessary certificates, expertise, and knowledge in the field of roofing. They also work for a roofing company that is 100% genuine and reliable. If you have more questions feel free to contact our certified roofing partners.

Steps to Become a Certified Roofing Contractor

A certified roofing contractor can prove his clients effortlessly that he is knowledgeable and experienced in the field. When you have the complete education and knowledge about a specific subject, it makes you feel more confident and professional in your job. Apart from that, if you have a proper certification, more and more customers are drawn towards you since they believe that having a certification means that you are 100% genuine. Since each state establishes their own guidelines and operates the certification programs that are their own, there are no national certification programs. Although most of the necessities are alike from state to state, it makes it easier for the people to begin the process of becoming certified straightaway.

You can follow the steps below to become a certified roofing contractor for a roofing company:

  1. Apply for a job with a roofing company or a contractor. It is good to have an experience of a few years to get a certification, regardless of the place you go. Plus, if you are not suitable for being a roofing contractor, you will understand it during the period of your employment. This will allow you to save money and time.
  2. Look for the certifications that are required in your state. You can be directed to the resources by your employer or you can take help of the internet and collect information through the reference site of the contractor’s license from the resources section.
  3. Get the study guides and prepare for the contractor’s exam. There are various sources from where you can obtain these study guides. In some states, you can find these guides on the state’s exam website. These study guys can also be found at the local bookstores.
  4. Take the exam. Your state licensing board will determine the passing score. Before taking the exam, you should be aware of all the things that are required to pass the test. And in this way, you can be prepared for the rigidities of the test.
  5. The required documentation should be submitted to the licensing board of the state. This usually includes identity proof, experience, background check, education, test results, credit checks, and a licensing fee. These specifics can again differ from state to state, but you must prove that you have passed the test along with a job experience of certain years and are financially responsible and safe.
  6. Get your state license renewed as per the requirements of your state. This might consist of additional testing in order to cover new laws or new techniques in your field.

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Tips to Choose the Right Contractor

The biggest hindrance that a homeowner faces when they have to get the roof fixed is choosing the right person to complete the task. If your roof needs quick and necessary fixing, that shouldn’t mean that you go to the first roofer you find. The tips below will help you find a contractor who is professional, trustworthy, and honest.

  1. Get local recommendations: when you choose a contractor from the community, the chances of scams or issues are less since they know the local rules and regulations.
  2. Designated manufacturer: look for designations of the manufacturer. It is important because this ensures that the contractor has passed all the necessary requirements to become certified.
  3. Research the ratings: before hiring a contractor, make sure that they have good ratings.
  4. Get a considerable warranty: it is essential to get a warranty because if the work isn’t done properly, insurance will not pay for it. And if the contractor won’t repair the damages, you will have to spend the money and redo the roof again. This warranty includes the coverage of the contractor’s workmanship.
  5. Safety concerns: if a contractor has no safety concerns or proper training, he may not be reliable to do the job.
  6. Check the insurances and licensing: it is mandatory for the contractor to have insurance for the employees and subcontractors should provide a copy of the same for validation. When the insurances aren’t proper and the worker sustains an injury in your home, this can lead to a lawsuit between the homeowner and the contractor. Most states make this insurance mandatory. Ask the contractor for the copy of this insurance.
  7. Pay deductibles: be aware of the contractors who say they can handle the repairs without the deductibles paid by the homeowners, these are the contractors who commit insurance frauds.
  8. Material choices: the contractor who lacks in providing different shingle options is not a good choice or the one you should go for. The types of tiles or shingles you get installed on your roof can make or break the look of your home and can affect the resale value of the property. The perfect time to change and upgrade your roof is when the insurance company is paying for it. Select the style that would suit your house perfectly and enhance the look of it. If the roofing is perfect, it will increase the value of your house.

Being a certified roofing contractor builds the trust and reliability of your customers. It is essential to have a certificate to prove your authenticity and expertise. Getting a job in the roofing company will help you a lot in getting the certificate that you need. Taking the exam will also help you in becoming a contractor. Again reach out to our certified roofing partners for additional help

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