Publications for previous implementations


The idea for this project came about at the Society for Neuroscience's Annual Meeting in 2006. This is a very large conference, attended by roughly 25-30 thousand delegates every year, undoubtedly the bulk of active researchers in the field. We started thinking, "What would the research landscape of the field look like if tried to build a map?" The following year, the originating team had built the first lightweight implementation as a map of the conference we had attended the previous year. We presented this work to the Neuroinformatics Council of SfN, who then recommended that we showcase it for the General Council.

We applied these approaches to build a second demonstration system based on the CRISP database (as it was then) and using the Google Maps interface (see Herr et al. 2009). This then served as a research prototype leading to the development of the current system developed by ChalkLabs, with input on topic modeling from Andrew McCallum’s lab, and under the direction of NINDS. The current system is hosted by the Information Sciences Institute as a part of the efforts of BIRN, the Biomedical Informatics Research Network.